Sweet New York


What does it mean to you going to NYC? Is it just a tour, a dream, a goal? Every person gives NYC a different meaning. Some people go to shop, others go to visit the american lifestyle culture, the busy streets and people in a hurry, and the most important, most of all go to New York to work on their dreams. New York is full of fashion victims willing to achieve the ultimate goal FASHION INDUSTRY.  During my visit, I met different people that helped me understand more about the industry. As a fashion blogger it’s the perfect place to grow and learn. It’s a city that most of all think as impossible but I guess it’s not, set your goals high and if your highest mountain is NYC then start working cause NYC will not wait for you.  IMG_7573

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  1. Jeni dice:

    Great Pics, At first glance I thought you were on London Bridge…

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