I want to work in Vogue

Sincerely, how many times have we heard that phrase? Every girl interested in the fashion industry, has said it at least 10 times a day.

With that said, I’m happy to present you my beautiful and talented friend Andreia Meneguete, Vogue Brasil Journalist and Ex-beauty editor of Glamour Magazine. 

I met Andreia in London, we both went to study the course Fashion Business at Instituto Marangoni London. It was funny the day we met, she was my first friend, we got lost in the city, but I’m sure that if that wouldn’t had happened, I definitely wouldn’t know Andreia the way I do now. An incredible human being, a talented woman, and a long-lasting friendship.

We sat for almost 2 hours talking about our dreams, our goals, our worries. So she started talking about her jobs, and I could immediately see she was a hard working woman, working on some of the most important magazines in the world. I couldn’t help it, so I asked her; «WHAT’S THE SECRET»? And the first thing she said was: READING, and not just fashion magazines, but history books, cultural, artistic, and poetic. Everything you read, helps you stimulate your imagination, it inspires you in a way you wouldn’t understand.

So I decided to make an interview to Andreia, for all of the girls interested in fashion industry, dreaming of working at Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, or other fashion magazine. It’s not easy, but definitely not impossible.IMG_4281


1. How would you describe yourself?

– I am a very determined, communicative, persistent and focused woman. I love my career and my routine job.

2. Which magazines you have worked with? 

– I have been working at Glamour Brazil Magazine as a beauty-editor, in Vogue Brazil as freelancer beauty journalist and a lot of others fashion magazines. Also, I have been worked with brand content of some Brazilian beauty companies.

 3. What’s been your experience working with Vogue, Glamour, etc?

– For me, it’s a huge experience, because now,  I can understand fashion in a better way, analyze deeply the world of beauty, and improve my fashion and writing skills. Working with the best professionals of fashion journalism is amazing, I have learned amazing things related to articles, images and fashion history.

 4. How do you handle criticism?

– For me, criticism belongs to my daily work because I work for the readers. It’s normal, but I can honestly say I haven’t received bad criticism, I usually get compliments and good energy for my work. I always do my best all the time, because if you don’t do it 150 % perfect at all times, don’t do it AT ALL. 

 5. What is your experience or philosophy towards working in Vogue, Glamour, etc?

– The greatest experience is to make the best ever. In these magazines you can never do what it’s considered average. You have to always be ahead everyone and everything, when it comes to new and relevant fashion topic, beauty, and lifestyle topics. Also, if you want to stand out, find a way to do it, there’s a lot of competition in this industry, it’s like 1000 lions and one piece of meat. 

 6. What three things do you need to be successful in this job?

– You must be passioned, dedicated, curious, have good writing skills and patience.

 7. What are your long-term motivations in a company or a position?

– I would like to be a professional reference in my area and continue growing in the beauty and fashion industry. 

8. Who has inspired you in your life and why?

– Daniela Falcão, editor in chief of Vogue Brazil. She is a traditional journalist who has written on politics, economics and health and today, fashion. She takes it to a different level, considering it as something serious and relevant. She has a very professional fashion vision, she has done very important contributions to the publishing industry and its readers.

 9. What would you tell to us, young girls who dream on working in this fashion industry?

– First of all, you HAVE TO LOVE IT, breathe it, live for it, and work for it 24/7. Study hard on the fashion market and on consumption’s anthropology, fashion history, trends. Study courses, many courses. It is important to see fashion in a more global way and not only as a piece of clothing. And never give up on the dream.


Capa Revista Glamour_Dezembro 2012Captura de pantalla 2015-06-10 a las 12.53.54com ana beatriz barros

Captura de pantalla 2015-06-10 a las 12.52.34Captura de pantalla 2015-06-10 a las 12.53.10

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